I got a ride home tonight from a classmate who was concerned for my safety. The area around campus gets kind of iffy after dark so it was very kind of her to offer and it would have been foolish to refuse. We had an interesting and varied conversation on the drive over, and I am starting to think that maybe I am not necessarily bad at connecting with people.

I’ve built up many walls over the years to protect myself from the harsh judgement of my birth culture, and they are becoming less necessary now that I’ve managed to cut ties to the most negative parts of it. Of course my day job gives me flashbacks, and the people there tend to make assumptions about my career aspirations but OH WELL, it’s a solid gig that pays the bills.

I am really impatient to get more involved in the fashion world, and each positive interaction I have at school makes me feel a little bit better about the completely back-assward direction I am choosing to take.

Other Things That Make Me Feel Better:

A few weeks ago my good friend Emily (with whom I co-blog about food) took a bunch of photos of my hats with her very nice camera.
Here are some juicy detail shots of a couple new ones, for sale in the Etsy shop:


Acid Trip:

Still messing around with the portfolio/gallery. Having better photos helps.

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